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How To Post A Job On 5Dollarr.com

Welcome to 5Dollarr.com!  So you want to get started?
Well we have to stop you right here.

Why? Because we’re different from all the other job / task sites out there.
On all the other job sites, you post for free and you have to wait and wait and wait for an order if ever it should occur. Then you realize that you have to promote your own job like crazy just to make a sale or two!  What a waste and often just for $5 and really less!

So what we’re doing differently is that we are helping you to promote your job offer!  When you purchase your ad here on 5Dollarr.com, you’re actually joining up to our viral traffic generator which will help you gain hundreds and thousands of page views and, since its targeted traffic, you’ll see flows of orders coming in probably for the first time in your online experience.

Not only will you be promoting your offer but others will be promoting your offer as well.  All 5Dollarr.com members and those from our sister websites, will join in promoting your job offer – that’s many assistants right there placing your link all around the Internet – for you!

What other job platform does this for you? None!  And that’s not the only thing either.  We have a few special benefits which we apply to your jobs on 5dollarr.com that ensure that you will earn income from your posting and participation in the 5dollarr.com program.

So start today by registering and posting your best services and start earning sooner than ever before!