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Why Do We Charge $25 To Post An Ad?

What other sites do is offer you FREE ad posting and that may seem great, but in reality, you’re not gaining anything by posting your ad on those sites.

How do I know this? Cause I still have ads on those other sites for years and still have yet to make one sale from them!

I created 5dollarr.com to change that ridiculous state of affairs you are experiencing on other task, gig and micro-job sites.

What we do differently at 5Dollarr.com is that we take your post “personally”.  We promote your ad using our in-house traffic generators, affiliate and mlm programs.  You get these services INCLUDED for every job ad you post with us.

Even if we only featured your ad, you would feel good about paying $25 for a boosted ad.  But we do so much more than any other site for you.

Consider posting your best quality job here on 5 Dollarr.com and get your ad promoted for you in the following ways:
1 – New Gig Email to our email lists.
2 – Set up a gig promoter for you to use.
3 – We add you to our Affiliate program for our network of virtual assistants to start promoting.
4 – Your ad is also added to our daily worker task lists for them to post around the Internet.
5 – If your gig is verified, we can bundle your gig into our bundled services which then are promoted with all the above.
6 – We also add your gig to a monetized multi-tiered program which adds still another group of promoters to your job posting here at 5dollarr.com
7 – I add a review of each “verified” gig on our blog for users to read with a link to your ad.

So there you have 7 promotional activities that we do more than any other gig platform.  You can post away on them for free for ever, but you’re going to wait for ever to make significant sales.  At least with 5dollarr.com, you have a whole lot more help in promoting your ad – well worth the $25 posting fee.